• Get Connected And Grow Your Business!

    The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce is the area’s leading business organization, and your most important business connection. The Chamber helps you gain exposure for your business, make professional connections, stay informed, and boost your bottom line with the valuable services we provide.


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  • Here are some important reasons to join
    your Chamber of Commerce:

  • Connect to Clients and Customers,
    and News That Affects You

    Your business needs connections. The Effingham Chamber helps you stay in touch with your clients and customers. It also keeps you informed about events and trends, so you can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. And your chamber gives you a strong voice to influence government policies.

    Grow Your Business While Growing Personally and Professionally

    To advance in any industry, you need to develop your personal and professional skills, and to stay informed. The chamber of commerce offers many ways to help you be better at running your business or more valuable to your employers.

    • Business Workshops and Seminars
    • “Business News Briefing” e-Newsletter
    • Leadership Effingham
    • "Eggs and Issues” Legislative Breakfasts

    Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

    Membership helps your business stand out. A study of consumers* shows people feel that being active in the chamber of commerce communicates that a company is reputable and uses good business practices.

    The same study found that when people know a restaurant is in the chamber, they are 40% more likely to dine there. When they know an insurance company is in the chamber, they are 43% more likely to consider buying from them. Consumers view chamber members as reputable and community-oriented, because they are

    *The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce: A Research Study"; The  Shapiro Group, November 2012.

    Return on Investment: You Get Back Much More Than You Put In

    The value you receive for the cost may surprise you. See the graph on the back for your return on an investment as low as $240. Plus, you’ll help build a stronger, businessfriendly economy in Effingham County.

    Review the chamber’s marketing packages above and select the one that works best for you.

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