• 2022 Legislative Priorities

  • The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, through its Government Affairs Committee, has developed its legislative priorities for 2022. They include state, regional and county government policies.


    1. Support funding level for capital outlay programs to assist K-12 school districts with facility needs as a result of increased student populations.​​

    2. Support funding and initiatives to improve access to and quality of Pre-K education and childcare throughout Southeast Georgia.

    3. Support funding and programs to address the social and emotional needs of students and staff.

    4. Support funding and programs to enhance public school safety.



    1. Support funding and policies to positively affect healthcare in Southeast Georgia, including workforce development, mental health programs, paramedicine and telemedicine,  and improved access.

    2. Support enhanced funding for staffing of the Department of Public Health’s offices in Effingham County.

    3. Support policies to protect healthcare workers and essential frontline workers from workplace violence.


    Continued support for transportation infrastructure improvements within Effingham County, and for funding of connective road improvements throughout Southeast
    Georgia through the Georgia Department of Transportation.


    Economic Prosperity

    1. Support legislative initiatives that enhance the growth and efficiency of Georgia’s ports.

    2. Support creation of a state task force to identify and evaluate potential legislative actions to enhance Georgia’s workforce competitiveness for manufacturing,
    distribution, and other industrial labor.

    3. Support for responsible private development of housing within Effingham County that is affordable to the workforce needed to support the county’s industrial and business growth, while considering the impacts on the education and healthcare systems.

    4. Increase access to broadband and cellular services in rural parts of Southeast Georgia.

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