• 2021 Legislative Priorities

  • The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce, through its Government Affairs Committee, has developed its legislative priorities for 2021. They include state, regional and county government policies.


    1. We support the restoration of funding cuts from the FY21 state budget so that school staff may continue providing exceptional educational experiences for students. This allows our district to continue to focus on lower class sizes.
    2. We support additional funding for the purpose of increasing the number of available Pre-K classes. Current policy only allows for new Pre-K classes when classes are discontinued in another area.
    3. We support additional funding that will support safety initiatives. Additional state funding is vital towards addressing ongoing safety concerns in our schools.


    1. We support legislation that help reduce the number of uninsured and underinsured populations in our state. Patients with access to health care and health insurance have better health outcomes, resulting in a healthier and more prosperous community.
    We support the funding and expansion of broadband services to rural areas; thereby,providing the network needed to provide and expand telemedicine in rural communities.


    We support the county’s initiative to conduct a countywide Transportation Master Plan and encourage cooperation among the cities and neighboring jurisdictions in formulating the plan.

    Economic Prosperity

    1. We support expanding the Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor to include all of Effingham County.
    We support a referendum on a Level 2 Freeport Exemption, to exempt goods, wares, and merchandise constituting a business's inventory which would not otherwise qualify for a level 1 freeport exemption. The Level 2 exemption will allow Effingham County to better attract e-commerce businesses and alleviates a competitive disadvantage.

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