• Online Advertising Options

  • Advertising in "Business News Briefing" Weekly e-Newsletter

    A full-year sponsorship of the e-newsletter is $500. A four week ad in the e-news is $125. We can help design the ad for you, or you can submit camera-read art..

    This is the full-year sponsorship format (224 pixels wide x 224 pixels high):. The ad is linked to your website.













    This is the four-week ad format (460 pixels wide x 300 pixels high): The ad is linked to your website.







    Advertising on the Chamber of Commerce Website (www.effinghamcounty.com)

    Rotating Banner Ad

    On the chamber’s website, rotating banner ads are $150/yr. Ad format is 320 pixels wide x 100 pixels high. These ads will rotate among advertisers every 20 seconds.  Your ad is linked to your website.



    Permanent Block Ad

    Permanent block ads on on a page you selec are $500/yr. Ad format is 336 pixels wide x 280 pixels high. These ads do not rotate among advertisers. Your ad is linked to your website.

    Contact us for more information at info@effinghamcountychamber.org or call (912) 665-0381.