• Chamber Launches ''Effingham Forward'' Campaign

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    February 01, 2023
    The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors recently decided to launch a public campaign to encourage a balanced and informed approach among residents toward the county's growth.
    The campaign, "Effingham Forward," is designed to build pride among residents in their vibrant, growing county, promote acceptance of the need for intelligent, responsible growth, raise awareness of the need for affordable housing, and encourage workers from outside to seek employment locally.

    Chamber CEO Andrew Cripps presented a brief overview of the campaign at the Effingham Day at the Capitol's Kickoff Reception on Sunday, January 29, 2023 in Atlanta.

    "The primary message will be that our county thrives, and our taxes are lowest, when we have a balance of commercial and residential development. With thoughtful planning and foresight the county can ensure growth reflects the needs of all residents; needs that include good-paying jobs close to home, as well as safe and convenient roads," Cripps said.

    "More jobs within Effingham can mean less commuter traffic leaving the county every morning. Harshly restricting commercial development will limit access to jobs and force more Effingham residents to commute. And blocking affordable residential development will starve local businesses of the qualified resident workforce they need to survive," he added.

    The Chamber of Commerce developed its Smart Growth definition last year in the hope of advancing a balanced and strategic approach to the county’s future direction. The “Effingham Forward” is an extension of that effort to inform residents of the benefits of responsible growth.

    The campaign will remind residents that the chamber of commerce consists of business owners managers and employees, community leaders, and residents who cherish and want to protect our county’s natural resources and its friendly, small-town quality as much as anyone.

    The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization focused on business advocacy and sustainable economic growth in our region. For more information, call (912) 754-3301, e-mail info@effinghamcountychamber.org, or visit www.effinghamcounty.com.
    Andrew James Cripps, Chief Executive Officer
    acripps@effinghamcounty.com, 912-754-3301

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