Job Description
    EOM is seeking an individual to operate, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the wastewater treatment facility and its processes. Work involves responsibility for the technical aspects of plant operations, semi-skilled labor in the operation and maintenance; collection and documentation of samples for laboratory testing; and strict compliance with state and federal operating regulations. Work is performed under the direction of the Department Manager/Chief Operator.
    • Perform all aspects of sampling, monitoring, and testing required to maintain compliance with Federal State and Local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process, and storm water and sludge management.
    • Perform assigned treatment plant rounds; inspect, monitor, troubleshoot, performance test and document plant processes by reading plant equipment gauges, dials, graphs, online analyzers, computer screens, meters, SCADA systems and other instrumentation.
    • Operates sewage treatment, sludge processing, and disposal equipment in wastewater treatment plant to control flow and processing of sewage: Monitors control panels and adjusts valves and gates manually or by remote control to regulate flow of sewage.
    • Observes variations in operating conditions and interprets meter and gauge readings and tests results to determine load requirements.
    • Starts and stops pumps, engines, and generators to control flow of raw sewage through filtering, settling, aeration, and sludge digestion processes.
    • Maintain, compile and update plant operations logs and reports; perform and record mathematical calculations related to plant operational activities.
    • Perform the installation, maintenance and repair of the physical plant and pump stations and all of their components.
    • Assist in the performance of regular and unscheduled maintenance and repairs on all plant equipment and machinery.
    • On call to respond to emergencies and breakdowns at the plant and pump stations
    • Conduct the necessary weekend checks of the treatment plant on a rotating basis.
    • Perform all work in conformance to Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations.
    • Collect and document liquid and solid samples and perform a variety of routine water quality laboratory tests; work closely with the laboratory on testing processes; monitor laboratory results; collect water samples as required by the State of Georgia
    • Be able to perform and document various tests required by State and Federal agencies for the operation of a wastewater treatment plant.
    • Perform daily checks of the wastewater treatment process and periodic checks of pump stations
    • Have a working knowledge of the operation, methods, and procedures of a wastewater treatment plant
    • Have a working knowledge of the machinery used for wastewater treatment and pumping stations
    • Have a thorough knowledge of mechanical equipment and the ability to diagnose and correct equipment malfunction
    • Have a working knowledge of basic machinery preventive maintenance and repair
    • Have a basic knowledge of State and Federal rules governing wastewater discharges and worker’s safety
    • Have the ability to work with independence and to make routine decisions on the operation of the plant processes and equipment during the Chief Operator’s absence
    • Possession of a Level I, II, or III Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator license issued by the State of Georgia Licensing Board
    • Possession of a valid Class C Georgia driver license, Class B CDL License Preferred
    • Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid C.P.R. Certificate.
    Safety is the company’s number one priority. Subject to company needs, employee must undergo pre-employment drug screen and maintain compliance with company Drug Free Workplace Program at all times. Employee must also comply with company safety program at all times.
    To apply for this position, interested candidates must submit a resume at hr@eommgmt.com. For more information about EOM Operations, please visit www.eomworx.com.
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