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Effingham County
Frequently Called Numbers


Administration 912-754-2111
Animal Control 912-754-2109
Board of Education 912-754-6491
Child Support 1-912-489-4787
Commissioners 912-754-2123
Driver's License (GA) 912-754-1425
Emergency 911
Extension Office 912-754-8040
Fairgrounds 912-754-3483
Family Children Svcs. 912-754-4668
Health Dept. 912-754-6484
Juvenile Court 912-754-2146
Magistrate Court 912-754-2124
Planning 912-754-8009
Probation 912-754-4155
Public Works 912-754-2141
Recreation 912-754-6339
Recycling 912-754-4668
Sanitation 912-754-4668
Senior Citizens 912-754-2138
Sheriff 912-754-3449
Solicitor's Office 912-754-2161
Superior Court 912-754-2118
Tag Office 912-754-2121
Tax Assessor 912-754-2125
Tax Commissioner 912-754-2121
Voter Registration 912-754-8030





Community Profile

Effingham County Georgia is one of the nation’s fastest growing counties and was established in 1777. Located about 22 miles northwest of Savannah, Effingham County measures 482.9 square miles.

County History




Population-2012 US Census EstimateCounty
Population Percent Change
April 2010 - July 2012
  2.0%     2.4%
Population 200037,5358,186,453







County Board of Commissioners Offices

601 N. Laurel St., Springfield, GA 31329

Phone: 912-754-2123

Effingham County - Quick Look 

  • Created in 1777 from the colonial parishes of St. Mathew and St. Phillip as Georgia's 4th county and one of the oldest settlements in America.
  • Eastern border of county formed by a length of 314-mile-long Savannah River
  • Ranks 34th in the state in square miles at 482.9
  • Top crops in 2002 included corn, oats, rye and soybeans (National Agricultural Statistic Service for the US Department of Agriculture)
  • 2007 US Census estimates ranked Effingham 44th fastest growing county

City of Guyton
Incorporated:                         1838
Population:                             1,690    Total Area:                                   1.2 square miles
Web Site: www.cityofguyton.com

Contact Information:
Address: 310 Central Ave., Guyton, GA 31312
Phone: 912-772-3353         Fax: 912-772-3152
Email: cityofguyton(at)planters.net

City of Guyton - Located in Effingham County's western interior, Guyton offers a unique liveability featuring country living at its best while having access to modern services, culture and the arts.

Guyton Community Events - This community of some 1,000 residents features a number of festivals and specia events throughout the year.

May - Lonesome Whistle Band Hometown Bluegrass Festival
July 4th - Parade
Dec - Christmas Tour of Homes and Parade
2013-14 events will be announced. Go to: www.cityofguyton.com for latest schedule.

Guyton Areas of Interest:

Guyton Old School Park
This park is open year around..

Mossy Oak Music Park
533 Old Louisville Rd., Guyton

Guyton Walking Trail.
Enjoy nature's best views along portions
of Central Blvd. and Gracen Rd.

City of Rincon
Incorporated:                            1927
Population:                                8,356
Total Area:                                        6.7 square miles
Web Site: www.cityofrincon.com

Contact Information:
Address: 302 S. Columbia Ave., Rincon, GA 31326
Phone: 912-826-5745                  Fax: 912-826-2083
Email: whendrix(at)cityofrincon.com

City of Rincon – Rincon is Effingham’s largest city with over 8,300 residents, and Effingham County’s largest retail center. Within the last 12 months, the city has seen record development of several new retail outlets, including a number of nationally recognized stores at Ft. Howard Square, construction of a new Lowe’s, Walgreens, CVS and others. These new retail investments total over $25 million and have brought 250 new jobs to the area.

Rincon Community Events - Rincon hosts a number of Special Events each year.
July 4th - Parade
Sept. 1 - Heritage Day Festival - Jeruslam Lutheran Church
Dec. - Lion's Christmas Parade
Events for 2013-14 will be posted as they are announced by City of Rincon officials. Go to www.cityofrincon.com for details.

Areas of Interest::

New Ebenezer Retreat & Conference Center 
2887 Ebenezer Rd. Rincon, GA 31326
Phone: 912-754-9242
For information on Ebenezer Alive: http://www.newebenezer.org/ebenezer-alive.htm

Georgia Salzsburger Society Museum & Gifts
Museum Hours: Wed., Sat. and Sun. 3 p.m.-5 p.m. 2980 Ebenezer Rd.
or by appointment Rincon, GA 312326 Phone:912-754-9001
For more information go to: www.georgiasalzburgers.com

City of Springfield               (County Seat)
Incorporated:                               1838
Population:                                   2,085
Total Area:                                            2.3 square miles
Web Site: www.cityofspringfield.com

Contact Information:
Address: 130 S. Laurel Street, Springfield, GA 31329
Phone: 912-754-6666                       Fax: 912-754-7261
Email: gpaquet(at)cityofspringfield.com

Springfield – This quaint community of 2,859 residents is the County Seat for Effingham. Steeped in a rich history, Springfield offers a friendly small town atmosphere that personifies the region.

Springfield Community Events:
Olde Effingham Days
Oct. - Effingham County Fair
Events will be posted as they are announced by City of Springfield officials.
Contact: gpaquet(at)cityofspringfield.com

Springfield Areas of Interest:

Effingham Museum & Living History Site
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sun. 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
1002 Pine St., Springfield, GA 31329
Phone: 912-754-2170

Veterans Park
Hwy. 21 South and W. First St., Springfield, GA 31329

(Source: State of Georgia – http://georgia.gov

If you are 60 years of age and a resident of Effingham County, we would like to invite you to come join the fellowship and fun at the Effingham County Senior Citizens Center at 128 New Stillwell Road, Springfield, GA 31329.

Open Monday thru Friday 8am - 4pm

Telephone (912) 754-2138, FAX (912) 754-2152


Games Galore

Computer Lab


Ceramics & Crafts

Congregate Meals

Transportation to and from Center, Grocery Shopping, Appointments, Etc.

Home Delivered Meals to qualified home bound clients



Director:  Margaret Moore

Assistant Director:  Theresa Johnson

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